Jucão’s promotion to 5th degree featured on GracieMag.com

From graciemag.com:

“On Sunday, Dec. 8 Equipe Jucao celebrated Professor Ailson “Jucão” Henrique Brites promotion as he was awarded his fifth degree on his black belt by the IBJJF at the Equipe Jucao All-School Seminar and Dinner.

This marks Jucao as New York City’s only fifth degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu!

Also among the evening’s high promotions was Jose Carlos Mendes Junior’s second degree on his black belt from Professor Jucao.

The seminar was in Garwood, NJ and attended by over 100 students from nine Equipe Jucao schools and affiliates, including those as far away as Los Angeles. The evening offered a rare opportunity for Equipe Jucao students from various regions to train and learn from one another.  The dinner following the seminar was held at Boi Na Brasa in Newark, NJ where diplomas, awards, and Jucao’s special surprise presents were issued.”


Professor Jucão Promotes During the All-School Seminar!

Yellow belt:
Matthew Morgan
Richard Zaballa Jr.

Orange Belt:
Matthew Kwiatkowski

Blue Belt:
Sarah Stevens
Scott Burguess
Kyle Gillette
Robert Gething
Len Galli
Mike Boettcher
Robert Donahue
Paul Geller
Andre Luis Soares
Mike Weinstein
Thomas Alan Triolo

Purple Belt:
Gregg Germano
Sergio Gutierrez
Chad Smith

Brown Belt:
Steve Austin
Peter Borgia

Black Belt:
Wagner Santana