Team Jucao Results from the NAGA Albany Grappling Championship


Masters’ NO-GI Novice Super Heavy Weight

1st Place Alex Kochnev

Masters’ NO-GI Expert Super Heavy Weight
2nd Place Nel Larson

Directors’ NO-GI Expert Heavy Weight
1st Place Peter Borgia

Men’s GI Blue Belt Heavy Weight
3rd Place Joe Paludi

Men’s GI Purple Belt Super Heavy Weight
1st Place Weis Larson

Masters’ GI White Belt Super Heavy Weight
3rd Place Alex Kochnev

Directors’ GI Expert Heavy Weight
2nd Place Peter Borgia

Directors’ GI White Belt Super Heavy Weight
2nd Place Sina Akinsete

Jucão at 2012 IBJJF European Jiu Jitsu Championships (video)

Equipe Jucão is happy to announce that Jucão has taken another gold medal home from an international tournament. At the 2012 European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship Jucão won two medals for his performance:

BLACK BELT SENIOR 3 OPEN: Ailson “Jucão” Henrique Brites – FIRST
BLACK BELT SENIOR 3 HEAVY: Ailson “Jucão” Henrique Brites – SECOND

Ailson Brites Jucao vs Marco Galzenati, Italia

Ailson Brites Jucao vs Van Dick Oliveira (Joao Roque)

Jucao has won gold medals at international tournaments for over two decades. Since he founded his own academy in New York and New Jersey in 2008, he has won gold medals in six of the six international tournaments he has competed in, often taking the gold in multiple divisions.